As a wife, mother x 3, board-certified physician, and certified Holistic Wellness Coach, I understand your disease and frustrations. My mission is to develop a gentle and natural path to address and heal many women’s health challenges. 

My patients enjoy holistic medical guidance from an organic and hormonal women’s health expert.

My story started with someone just like you. In the past decade, I’ve actively listened to the grievances of countless men and women who have been misunderstood and mistreated by mainstream medicine. 

I'm Dr. Kim.

Hey there!

Over the course of my career, I’ve helped hundreds of women stop sabotaging their happiness by helping them create a healthier balance between life and their bodies.

Translation: I'm a highly trained and board-certified lady parts specialist who believes your body is an amazing healing machine!

It is my sincerest intention to help you live life differently and get you back to the things that make you happy.

Wellness services for women looking to create turnarounds in their lives to experience wellness on a deeper level. 

Fun facts!

My favorite weekend activity

Mid-day nap with my 3 little ones!

a hobby that i love

I'm an avid reader!

my go-to vacation getaway

Costa Rica! One of the most beautiful places in the world to zipline. 

things I enjoy

Spiced Chai Tea

Self Help Books & Podcasts

Mediterranean food

words to live by

“I gave birth. I can do hard things.”

Anxiety and insomnia are the unfortunate sequelae of my hormone imbalance. Treating mental and physical health has always been my passionate commitment as it’s robbed many of my patients of living the life they want. My extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with Integrative Medicine put me a notch above the rest. 

I personally know how you feel. My mood and energy levels haven’t been the same since I started running after three toddlers under the age of five. 

why i am here

My Story

I’ve eliminated the middleman. I prescribe only healthful and healing medication and supplements that restore the mind and body. My patients and I are now a unit where they make the leading decision on which test or treatment is most beneficial for them. 

At ReVitaJuve, I not only educate and empower women with the knowledge they needed to be more in control of their health, but to do it in my own time, in my own way, without any restraints.

Women's health holds a special place in our hearts. That's why at the end of each year we will make a donation to one organization to support the work doing done by amazing leaders and providers to tackle the many issues that impact reproductive health and freedom for women.

What Makes Us Different?

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We are partnered with pharmacies with US PCAB Accreditation®. Sent to your pharmacy of choice or shipped right to your door. Cost of meds not included. Please check with your insurance regarding the cost of medicine



Check and clarify your health concerns and fears. Acknowledge and address any health obstacles and challenges. We'll also analyze underlying factors contributing to your symptoms or medical condition. Enhance your lifestyle with self-care and powerful nutrition adjustments




Your concerns are important to us. Complete a contactless, HIPAA-compliant online form to help us understand your needs. 


about the process

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